1000-Lb. Sisters Star, Tammy Slaton’s Estranged Husband Is Dead


Caleb Willingham, estranged husband of “1000-Lb. Sisters” star Tammy Slaton is dead. 

TMZ reported that Caleb’s stepmom, Shirley Willingham, confirmed the sad news but couldn’t provide further details or a cause of death.

Caleb, nicknamed “Killa K” or “Double K,” was an infrequent, yet much-beloved character on the reality show alongside Tammy chronicling their constant battle with weight. In 2022, the two met at a rehab facility in Ohio, where they underwent treatment for obesity and they tied the knot that same year

The couple split in May because Caleb was not following his diet, and Tammy was reportedly getting set to file for divorce before his death. 

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