Accused child Rapist caught With Six children In His car And hispants Unbuttoned, claims The kids Are His ‘friends’ (Video)


Newly surfaced footage has come out showing the disturbing ‘Driving Under influence’ (DUI) arrest of an alleged child rap!st who had six young boys and girls in his car along with empty bottles of tequila and whiskey.

Jeremy Guthrie was arrested in 2022 on a New Mexico highway while driving erratically and police discovered the children, one of which he allegedly raped and impregnated after meeting her on social media.

Bodycam footage from July 5, 2022, showed the 41-year-old Guthrie driving across a highway, and then behaving incoherently once stopped.

When police approached the car, they found it full of young boys and girls, who Guthrie claimed were “his friends” and insisted they were all 18.

As he stepped out of the car, the fly of Guthrie’s jeans was unbuttoned, and he began to insist he hadn’t had anything to drink despite the officers saying he reeked of alcohol.

Police then put Guthrie to a sobriety field test, which he failed woefully.

At one point, Guthrie was baffled by the preliminary question “Have you ever suffered a traumatic brain injury?”

The girl had a miscarriage during a year of sexual abuse she suffered at his hands.

The girl’s twin was also in the car, and he allegedly sent her lewd texts, is suspected of raping her too, and talked about how much he loved the sisters.

“It makes me sick. I’m livid about what he did to my granddaughters,” the girls’ grandmother told KRQE News 13.

“And he’s just a very, very sick person.”

Watch the videos below

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