Adekunle Gold Set To Release 5th Studio Album


Nigerian music sensation Adekunle Gold recently took to his Instagram page to share his personal journey and reflect on his career growth as he prepares to release his highly anticipated new album.

In a heartfelt post, he expressed his gratitude for the progress he has made and his determination to continue moving forward.

Adekunle Gold emphasized that it has taken him considerable time and effort to reach the point where he currently stands.

However, he made it clear that he has no intentions of dwelling on the past or resting on his laurels. Instead, he is embracing his achievements and looking ahead with excitement and anticipation.

With a sense of pride, the talented artist stated that he has tapped into a new level of skill and potential.

This personal breakthrough has inspired him to celebrate his growth and successes, both professionally and personally.

Adekunle Gold’s joy and contentment are evident as he shares his zest for life and relishes in the fruits of his labor.

Inviting his fans to join him on an exhilarating journey, Adekunle Gold promises them an experience like no other.

He encourages his supporters to come along for what he describes as the most thrilling ride of his life.

With a sense of enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to making the most of his achievements, the artist is ready to embark on this new chapter.

As an exciting teaser, Adekunle Gold unveiled the title of his forthcoming album: “TEQUILA EVER AFTER.” While he didn’t provide an exact release date, he mentioned that fans can expect it to drop during the summer of 2023.


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