BbNaija’s Angel Smith Pays Tribute To Lover 4 Years After Death


Reality television personality, Angel Smith, continues to grieve the loss of her former boyfriend, who tragically passed away four years ago.

She has now taken to her Instagram account to pay a heartfelt tribute to him, expressing the pain she feels in her heart from his departure.

In her emotional tribute, Angel Smith alluded to their final moments together, recalling the time and place of his passing.

She reflected on the depth of her love for him, describing how she had spent years envisioning death’s embrace until she met him.

While many speak of being willing to die for someone they love, Angel experienced the opposite.

For her, dying was the easier option, while living became an overwhelming dread.

Angel revealed that prior to meeting her ex-boyfriend, she often found herself lost in despair, contemplating her existence for hours on end.

However, on a scorching afternoon in front of a venue called Rhapsodies, their paths crossed, and everything changed.

She vividly remembered how he exuded a radiant glow, as if he had captured the essence of the sun within his eyes.

Angel wondered if he truly comprehended the luminosity he possessed, acknowledging her initial fear of encountering such goodness, as it was unfamiliar territory for her.

That night, when he tenderly embraced her, making her feel fragile yet safe, she sensed a transformative power.

Perhaps, Angel speculated, he was the one who absorbed her burdens and replaced them with light, because that evening when she returned home and looked up at her ceiling, she witnessed the presence of the sun.


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