Group wants Tinubu to Change Service Chiefs


Abuja  – A group under the aegis of Arewa Christians and Indigenous Pastors Association (ACIP), has called on President Bola Tinubu to as a matter of urgency change Service Chiefs especially in the wake of the renewed attack in Plateau State.

ACIPA said since mid April 2023, the Fulani militia has been terrorizing the Plateau Local Government Areas of Mangu, Barkin Ladi, Riyom, and the communities of Jol and Kwi.

“The systematic and well planned attacks in Mangu Local Government by militias on rampage against ethnic minorities across Northern Nigeria with particular reference to Christians is a grave concern to us”, ACIPA said at the weekend in Jos during a press briefing.

The parley with journalists, chaired by its Chairman, Rev. Luka Shehu, recalls the annihilation and impunity against the Mwaghavul (Mangu), people which is still ongoing, saying that the failure of government under the administration of the former government led by Simon Lalong gave the Fulani militias a lee way to kill the Plateau people.

ACIPA also indicted the Special Military Task Force in the State for negligence.

“In view of this, we call on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to as a matter of urgency immediately replace all Service Chiefs and redeploy all Commanders with a possible probe into their operational activities”, Shehu said.

He continued: “Over 40 communities have been destroyed or attacked from Mai Katako, Kantoma, Mangu Halle, Panyam and Pushit amongst others.

“These attacks are simply a well planned and carefully orchestrated genocide against the peace loving Indigenous people.

“We are giving the security operatives through the federal government an ultimatum to dislodge and arrest these militias. Government cannot claim ignorance concerning intelligence about their operations and locations.

“We call on the federal government, National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA), to ensure compensation and resettlement of all those affected not only in Mangu Local government alone but those who have been affected from Bassa, Riyom, Barkin Ladi and Bokkos local government over the period.

“It is evident that the APC government under former President Muhammadu Buhari, sacrificed professionalism and accountability of our Armed forces and security organisations to cronyism, nepotism and religious bigotry and or sentiments.

“We also call on the federal government and the legislatures of the 10th Assembly to as a matter of urgency salvage our states of the menace of insecurity.

“We call on them to promote the rule of law and true federalism. To also abrogate the items on the exclusive list with particular reference to state policing and mining amongst others to the concurrent lists items to enable state governors to secure their states as against the current failure under federal control which is contrary to true federalism”, ACIPA requests.


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