How identity difference affects Nigeria’s electoral outcome — CDD


THE identity difference among Nigerians has played a significant role in the electoral process over the years, says the Centre for Democracy and Development Election Analysis (CDDEA).

The CDDEA, a non-profit organisation which focuses on democratic governance and human rights, said this on Sunday February 26 at a press conference in Abuja.

The chairman of the CDD election, Adele Jinadu, explained that the issue of identity plays out through ethnicity and tribalism and continues influencing voters’ choices nationwide.

Jinadu noted that ethnic differences also influence the decision-making of party members and political parties, and contribute to inter- and intra-party crises.

He stated that the factors that had influenced elections in Nigeria over the last decade were interrelated, with each affects the other.

According to him, objectively analysing Nigeria’s electoral process and results require paying attention to five major issues: Identity, insecurity, infrastructure, institution and information.

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