I am pregnant again – Actress Jumoke Odetola


Nollywood star Jumoke Odetola has recently shared some exciting news that has left her fans buzzing with anticipation.

In an Instagram post, the talented Yoruba actress revealed that she has something special to announce: she is pregnant!

Her message was filled with enthusiasm as she expressed her inability to contain her joy.

Apologizing for her absence on social media, Jumoke explained that she needed time away to focus on the imminent arrival of her “great child.”

Clearly, this is a significant event in her life, and she wants to ensure that she dedicates the necessary attention to prepare for this new chapter.

The expectant mother, who seems to be experiencing a mix of emotions, described having butterflies in her tummy, indicating her excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead.

Although she didn’t share all the details at that moment, Jumoke promised to reveal more information about this joyous occasion later in the day.

While fans were quick to offer their congratulations, some skeptics couldn’t help but wonder if the actress was truly expecting a baby.

Speculation arose that Jumoke might have an alternative motive for her announcement, possibly involving a new project or venture she is preparing to launch.

As the comment section filled with guesses and theories, many suggested that Jumoke’s big news might involve the attainment of a Ph.D. degree or securing an ambassadorial deal.


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