I Ended Open Defecation In Nasarawa As President Rotary Club Of Abuja CBD – Rotn. Max Amuchie


…Says He Has Missionary Disposition To Rotary

…Expresses Fulfilled Because He Embarked On Two Major Impactful Projects

By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – The immediate past President of Rotary Club of Abuja CBD, Rotn. Max Amuchie has expressed satisfaction that he ended open defecation at a public school in a community called Gidan Gimba, Nasarawa State during his tenure.

Rotn Max also stressed that he has missionary disposition to Rotary which he later found out that the objectives of Rotary are in sinc with what in his faith as Catholic, is called “Corporal work of mercy”.

Rotn Max who stated these on Saturday in his valedictory speech before handing over to PE Aisha Ali, expressed delight that the Club under his leadership, embarked on two impactful projects, even though the second one is yet to be completed.

Sundiata Post recalls that Gidan Gimba is the adopted community of Rotary Club of Abuja CBD.

Max who said he is making his statements on the note of gratitude, thanked God for the opportunity also thanked members of Rotary Club of Abuja CBD for finding him worthy to be President.

He recalled that in Rotary, handover is an annual ritual that started since 1905 and that everyone has his reason or motivation for joining Rotary, adding that as human beings are different, so are their individual dispositions.

On what inspired him to continue after joining Rotary, Rotn Max has this to say:

“As a Catholic, I came to Rotary and I saw that the objectives of Rotary are in sinc with what we call Corporal work of mercy in Catholic Church. In corporal work of mercy in Catholic Church, we talk about giving shelter to who needs it, visiting the sick, burying the dead, feeding the hungry and so on just as the seven areas of focus in Rotary so also as of charity in Catholic Church. When I saw that there was a nexus between Rotary and my faith, I got more encouraged. So when I have a missionary disposition to Rotary it should be understood in the context of my background and for me that has also defined my engagement with our adopted community-Gidan Gimba.”

“The first time I went to Gidan Gimba was during Rotn B B Martins time when I joined the Club when the polio vaccine was administered on the children. That was my first time and for me who is not a medical person I said oh so even as a none medical person I have this opportunity to administer this oral polio vaccine to a child? It is an experience that was overwhelming. And I said any day I got the opportunity of being president of being president, I will do something in that community. So when theopportunity came for me to be president, I met PP Evelyn and I said I will like to put a health clinic in Gidan Gimba and I ask her what is next in our strategic project. So I told her when I take over I will tell the Board we will do that. So when PP Anne is about to conclude her tenure and we went on a visit and we now asked the people in the community and they said they already have a clinic that there greatest need is the primary school that have primary one to six and that just one block of two classrooms is what is standing. So we felt there was urgent need for intervention. That is the reason why we went to Gidan Gimba. For me it was missionary disposition that I have. Fortunately, we got the classroom up to linter-level but we have completed the three toilets – one for the boys, one for the girls and the third one for the teachers.

When we went to commission the toilet, the reporter that spoke with the Head teacher told me when we were going home that the Head teacher of the school, a lady to her that for those teachers that were women, anytime they went to the Bush to ease themselves, that the villagers will be laughing at them and that they always felt embarrassed. I was touched. When I heard that I told myself that we made a the right decision. Just by our intervention, we have ended open Defecation In Nasarawa State. It is something that gives me joy. It is not that I did it alone, it was a collective responsibility and I really appreciate everyone.

Rtn Max who ended his speech with the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt to the effect that “the future belongs those who believe in the beauty of their dream”, said Rotary is a Club that believes in the beauty of its dreams and goes further to actualize those dreams. He added that as a Club that believes in its dreams, members of Rotary Club of Abuja CBD dreamt that they will end open defecation in the public primary school in Gidan Gimba and they made it happen.

He finally stated that in 2022/2023, Rotary Club of Abuja CBD imagined a world of possibilities and in 2023/2024, they are creating hope in the world and that there is no person who the caps fits better to take them to that world than PE Aisha Ali. Stressing that she is a tested hand who has served the Club in various capacities and that she knows her way around the District. Max expressed confidence that he is leaving the Club in a safer hand.

The highpoint of the occasion is the handing over to PE Aisha Ali as the seventh President of the Rotary Club of Abuja CBD.

In her remarks after taking over the mantle of leadership, Rotn Aisha said that her sentiment has been taken away. According to her, “as the 7th President of the Rotary Club of Abuja CBD, it’s a safe landing for her and that she is lucky. She said she is counting on all the past presidents of the Club to take up their first responsibility as a Rotarian to take Rotary Club of Abuja CBD to greater heights.

Earlier before the handover and taking over, Rotary Club of Abuja CBD 2022-2023 Merit award were given to eight Board members and certificates of service were given to six other members.

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