I Will Keep Loving God And Still Be The Most Controversial Socialite And S3xy Er*tic Dancer



Moesha Boduong

Popular Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong, has stated that as a Christian, she will keep loving God while promoting her brand as a s3xy er*tic dancer, host and socialite.

Moesha, last year announced that she had repented and became a born-again Christian after encountering some personal problems.

According to her, when she starts dancing, people can’t take their eyes off her.

She stated that as a result of that, she will take her brand to a wide audience and make money from partying and hosting gigs with the help of God.

“S3xiness is what my brand stands for and as a Christian, I would keep loving God and still be the most controversial socialite, actress, sexy erotic dancer and host the biggest events in the world and bring something new, no one has ever seen before,” she said in an Instagram post on Tuesday, December 27.

“When I start to dance all eyes are on me and I can’t wait to take my brand to a wider audience and make so much from partying and hosting entertainment shows all over the world with the help of God Almighty,” she added.



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