“If I Have To Go To My Grave Not Sitting With Any Of These Guys, I Will Be Happy” – Comedian AY Makun speaks On His Failed Attempts To Reconcile With Basketmouth And Julius Agwu


Nollywood actor and comedian, Ayodeji Makun, aka AY, has said that he is done making efforts towards reconciling with his colleagues, Basketmouth and Julius Agwu, who he has had long standing issues with.

Basketmouth and AY have been engaged in a 17-year-old beef, which AY claimed was over an unpaid N30,00 debt by Basketmouth. On his part, Basketmouth has denied the allegation and had come out to say that he and AY were never friends. Basket also disclosed that contrary to AY’s claim that he was not allowed to attend wedding, he never invited AY.

 Julius Agwu on the other hand granted an interview where he accused AY of organizing a comedy show on a date that he choose for himself, which most comedians were aware of.

In a fresh interview with comedian, Teju Babyface, AY said he has made efforts to reconcile with the duo but to no avail and that at this point, he will be happy if he goes to his grave without reconciling with them. He said their senior colleagues are aware of his efforts to reconcile with both comedians and have asked him to stop bothering himself if the parties involved are not yielding.

“The bros [senior colleagues in the comedy industry] knew and at some point in time, they had to ask me to slow down. They were like: ‘You’re doing too much. You are putting in too much to make this thing work. Friendship is not by force.

I was believing that ‘No, this can work’. Even in my last stand-up comedy, I had to go on stage and I did another routine ‘My guy. How’s my guy? This is my guy. If you see this guy, tell him he’s my guy.’ And the following morning, every where exploded again. ‘We are not friends. We are not that. We are not this.’

So, for me now, I’m not pushing anything anymore. As I’m here now as AY, if I have to go to my grave without sitting with any of these guys to say ‘hello, ‘hi,’ I will be happy.” he said

Watch a video of him speaking below…

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