I’m not fighting Lagos State Government – Iyabo Ojo speaks amidst celebrity tax controversy


ABUJA  – Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo responded to critics and haters amidst a tax controversy.

She addressed the negative comments, emphasising that ill-wish would rebound onto her detractors.

She highlighted her fight for justice in the Baba Ijesha case and expressed hope for the protection of innocent children.

She also criticised those she called Yoruba tribalistic bigots and conveyed a message of unwavering strength to her haters.

Iyabo Ojo clarified that questioning the government did not equate to fighting them and expressed frustration with the excessive amount demanded for her to pay as celebrity tax.

She assured her fans that her team was handling the situation and thanked them for their support and love.

“And for those of you saying I’m fighting the government I can’t help you if you can’t read or listen to comprehend. Stating my grievance or questioning the government is not fighting them. It’s called speaking up and and I will continue to do so.
So help me, God I pay all my business taxes to the best of my knowledge and ability but this personal income tax based on my celebrity status I questioned because I feel the amount is outrageous and coupled with the fact that I heard some rumours that they where going to come for
me. I got very upset.

“Now we had gone back and forth with this enormous amount and I have declared how much I make as a
celebrity, which can be investigated and verified. I expected that my celebrity tax will be based on the amount I make as a celebrity and not as a businesswoman
because for my business I pay tax”.

The Lagos State Government on Tuesday gave Iyabo Ojo seven days to pay the sum of N18,640,092.00 as personal income tax or risk jail.

The Lagos government in a letter sent to the actress accused her of owing N7,376,000.00 tax for the year 2022 and N11,264,092 in back taxes for the 2021 tax year.


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