Nigeria, Niger recommit to cross-border cooperation


NIGERIA’S National Boundary Commission has reiterated its commitment to complete the demarcation of the Nigeria-Niger border and enhance peace and security in the region in line with the African Union’s goals on cross-border cooperation.

The Director-General of the Commission Adamu Adaji, gave the assurance on Tuesday while addressing a joint meeting of the Standing Committee of Experts on the Re-demarcation of the Nigeria-Niger International Boundary.

He disclosed that 128 out of the 148 pillars designed to demarcate the boundary had been re-constructed, and expressed appreciation to the security personnel in the border area for their dedication and commitment which has provided an enabling environment for the work to thrive.

“Our aim is to make the boundary more visible to border inhabitants, and not to separate the people who share the same history and culture.

“With the continued support of our governments and indeed development partners, we will soon conclude all outstanding works on the re-demarcation of the boundary,” Adaji said.

The Director-General also assured the committee of Nigeria’s commitment to the project and promotion of cross-border development activities for both countries.

On his part, the Head of Delegation of the Niger Republic Bala Pate, noted that there was need to maintain a climate of sustainable peace in the border areas and promotion of cross-border cooperation for benefit of the border population.

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He noted that this cooperation had led to the adoption of the framework document of the national border policy, which takes into account all the issues relevant to cross-border governance and is in line with the spirit and guidelines defined by the African Union Convention on Cross-Border Cooperation, known as the Niamey Convention, adopted in, 2014.

“In view of the demarcation, there were areas to be looked into in trans-border cooperation. We are indeed grateful to the government of Nigeria on the effort of strengthening the cooperation,” Pate said.

Nigeria is the first ECOWAS country to officially launch the ECOWAS Fund for Cross-Border Cooperation and Free Movement and Migration called the Regional Program for Support to Cross-Border Cooperation (PRACT 2021-2025).

Pate called on both countries to seize the opportunity offered by the PRACT to create cross-border cooperation initiatives in order to develop the cross-border areas into spaces of peace and security for the promotion of sustainable development and cross-border cooperation.

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