Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti have conquered greed



All that Peter Obi has ever claimed have institutional records to back them up.

Again, this (2023 presidential) election is the most fact checked election in Nigeria’s history. If Peter Obi is lying, the institutions he has been mentioning would have refuted him; and many media houses would have fact checked him and exposed the lies.

If the Federal Ministry of Works did not rate his administration in Anambra State as ”the state with the best road network, they would have refuted him because that will be lying and playing politics with a federal institution…

If in WAEC and NECO, Anambra did not move from 26th to 1st position, it would have been countered by the Education ministry.

If Debt Management Office (DMO) did not rate him the governor that ran the most financially liquid state, they would have refuted him.

If the Nigeria Police Force did not rate Anambra the most secured state under Obi, police institutions would havecrefuted his claim.

If Bill Gates did not give him a personal ‘One Million Dollar Award’, Gates Foundation would’ve refuted this claim!

Obi also claimed he turned in this ‘personal prize’ to state coffers… If he lied, certainly current governor Charles Soludo would’ve been glad to tell the world..!

Nearly every former governor was putting up criminal pensions and retirement benefits for themselves… Obi is on record to have turned down such criminality; and news of this got the Oba of Benin to pour high commendation on him. Now, if he was collecting such benefits and lied about it, the evidence about this would’ve been splashed all over!

Obi has once challenged that if anybody can prove he allocated a single land to himself while in office; he even promised to stop campaigning if he is proved wrong… Nobody has done that!

Obi has once challenged if he ever owed pensions, salaries, or contractor’s job completion payments before leaving office… He also promised to stop running for president if proven wrong… No one has proved him wrong!

Obi has stated Billions of Naira he saved in listed banks and passed to his successor… Nobody has refuted that.

Obi has challenged anyone to show where he stole public funds during his time in public service; no other contestant is making that boast.

I want a president who can start building for the future… My children may not be as rugged as I am to survive the gross maladministration to follow another poor choice of future leaders… I want a nation good for both the strong and the weak!!

Recently, Obi told Nigerians how he turned down land offers from former FCT minister who is currently the Bauchi state governor… The governor would’ve refuted him if Obi had lied.

Listen, there’s no doubt that Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti have both conquered GREED in public life; and we need such traits in this nation that has neared systemic collapse.

It is really that simple unless there are other parochial and narrow reasons for picking leaders for Nigeria!

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