Peter Obi takes campaign to Delta, assures on completion of East/West Road


PRESIDENTIAL candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, Monday, took his campaign to Delta State, saying the sufferings of Nigerians presently do not know religion, region or tribe.

Addressing supporters at Asaba, the Delta State capital, Obi said the Obi-Datti combination was the best and most reliable ticket to unite and secure the country.

Saying that with the energy and enthusiasm of the youths, his administration would move the country from consumption to production.

“We will make education work, no more strikes in our public varsities. We will ensure that there is law and order, and no more harassment by police because we will train them to work. They are our friends and not enemies”, he said.

Obi who also addressed supporters at Warri, said: “Warri Port will work. We are supposed to drive from here to Warri on the double lane, we will do it and complete East-West road, which they have been building for 24 years now”

He said he was not contesting the election because he is from the South-East, urging all to discountenance the ‘it is my turn’ slogan, insisting that it was the turn of every right-thinking Nigerian to take back the country.

Obi said: “I am from the South-East, if it is turn by turn, it is the turn of the South-East. But I am not running this election because I am from the South-East but because I am a Nigerian and am the best. No other person or group is like the Obi-Datti combination.


“We still have age on our side, our average is 50. The average age of others is 70 which is the retirement age. We will make sure they are retired in peace.

“The job of governing this country requires physical and mental energy, we want those who are ready. We want people we can trust, people who will trace their history.

“We are businessmen, we create wealth, our opponents have never created wealth, rather they are only used to taking and sharing. We are competent, we are qualified, and we have the capacity to do the job. And above all, we have compassion.

“Don’t follow them, if they give you money, take it and vote for us because that money is your money which they stole initially.

“They said LP has no structure, it is that structure they have used to impoverish Nigerians. We want to throw away that structure. So vote LP candidates. Don’t be deceived, a new Nigeria is possible”.


Mrs Margaret Obi, the wife of Mr Peter Obi who also addressed the people, told Nigerians to hold her responsible if her husband, fails to perform if elected.

Mrs. Obi said LP was the only party with a human face, insisting that both the umbrella and the broom which Nigerians earlier trusted with their votes have grossly disappointed.

She enjoined the people to collect their PVCs, and ensure that they come out on February 25 to vote LP, saying; “LP is the only party with a human face, we have followed broom, umbrella, chicken, now its time to follow mama, papa and pikin.

“As women and youths, it is time for us to collect our PVCs to change the system. Any promise made by Obi, if not fulfilled, I should be held responsible. If he fails to perform, hold me responsible.

“God has blessed us in this country, this is the last chance to get it right. This is time for a new Nigeria, come out and vote because it is the only weapon we have,” she said.

lThe running mate, Alhaji Yusuf Datti-Ahmed and other leaders of the party, who also spoke at the campaign rally, appealed to the people to vote for all Labour Party candidates in order to salvage the country.


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