Popular Nollywood actress robbed at home


Yoruba Nollywood actress Bidemi Kosoko recently experienced a distressing incident at her residence, which she shared with her followers on Instagram.

She expressed her deep concern and sadness as she revealed that she had been robbed by a newly hired maid.

The actress was clearly emotional as she described how the maid had only been in her house for five days before stealing her personal belongings as well as those of her sisters.

Bidemi went on to explain that the maid absconded from the house at 5 am, leaving her shocked and disappointed.

She emphasized that she had invested a significant amount of money in conducting a thorough medical examination for the girl before employing her.

To her dismay, the maid took advantage of the trust placed in her and committed the act of theft.

Bidemi also expressed her disappointment with the security personnel at her residence, as they had allowed the maid to leave by opening the gate for her.

In light of this incident, Bidemi Kosoko issued a warning to her fans and followers, urging them to exercise caution when employing domestic staff in their own homes.

She emphasized the importance of being vigilant and diligent in the hiring process, as this unfortunate event had made her realize the potential risks associated with welcoming unfamiliar individuals into one’s personal space.

Sharing her frustrations and concerns, Bidemi wrote, “We must be careful when it comes to employing house help. This particular girl is untrustworthy and has caused me great distress. She spent only five days in my house, and I even went to the extent of investing a substantial amount of money in conducting various medical tests for her. However, she not only stole my belongings but also took items belonging to my sister. To make matters worse, she fled from the premises at 5 am, and the security personnel, regrettably, facilitated her escape by opening the gate for her. Please, let us all exercise caution and be aware of such domestic help. Stay safe out there”.

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