Tobi Amusan missing at inaugural Adidas event


NIGERIA’S top athlete Tobi Amusan was absent on the track as other sprinters competed in heat number 2 of the women’s 100m hurdles at the inaugural Adidas Atlanta City Games held on Saturday (Sunday morning Nigerian time).

The competition, which was a street meet, saw top athletes compete in different categories including Women’s Pole Vault, Men’s Mile, Women’s 600m, Men’s 600m, and Women’s 100m hurdles.

Other categories include: Men’s Pole Vault, Men’s 110m Hurdles, Men 100m, Women’s 100m, Men’s 150, Women 150m, Men’s 100m, Women’s 100m hurdles, Men’s 110 hurdles, Women’s 100m and Men’s 150m.

Amusan, who won the gold medal in a wind-aided time of 12.06s at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, was listed to compete against United States’ Amber Hughes and Anna Hall as well as Liberia’s Ebony Morrison and Jamaica’s Danielle Williams in the heat number 2.

The result of heat number 2 where Tobi Amusan was absent.

But in the absence of the Nigerian, US’s Tia Jones breasted the tape first to win the Women’s 100m hurdles finishing 12.50, Kendra Harrison came second finishing 12.53 while Amber Hughes was third with 12.78. Liberia’s Ebony Morrison finished fourth with 12.81 and Anna Hall came fifth with 12.95.

Correspondent, who monitored the event on Supersport, observed that lane 3, where Amusan was to run, was vacant.

According to the announcer of the track and field event, the Nigerian athlete withdrew a day before the event.

In the men’s 110m final, US’s Grant Holloway finished first with a personal best of 13.01, Robert Dunnning came second finishing at 13.09, Jamal Brittt was third with 13.14, Trey Cunningham finished fourth on 13.41 while Freddie Crittenden finished fifth with 13.43.


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