YOV dismisses former scribe, Sina Okanlomo over misconduct –


Apex Yoruba diaspora group, Yoruba One Voice (YOV) has dismissed former Secretary-General of the organization, Dr.Sina Okanlomo, over misconduct.

In a statement made available by YOV’s Secretary-General African- Union, Prince Dapo Adesanmi, the dismissal became inevitable after the highest decision-making organ comprising all members of the National Coordinating Council (NEC)of YOV met to deliberate on the activities of the organization.

Okanlomo, according to the statement, had been dismissed as the Secretary-General of the diaspora group about three months ago but was still parading himself as the president of YOV.

“Dr.Okanlomo had been arrogating to himself the position of president of Yoruba One Voice Worldwide, after his dismissal three months ago as secretary general of the organization.

“This is to tell the world that Dr. Sina Okanlomo has been dismissed as Secretary General of the group.

“The Yoruba diaspora organization decided to axe the ex-scribe over various misconducts, including organizational malpractices and intrusion into the other organs of the organization.

“YOV is a coalition of about 23 different organizations spread across the six continents of the world. The diaspora organization was established two years ago, purposely to seek restructuring to regionalism in Nigeria or self determination from the Nigerian nation.”

The YOV’s African-Union scribe posited that the diaspora group is focused on the ideals of the group.

“Since its inception in 2020, YOV has been resolute in championing the cause for self determination, with clear-cut ideology and values that are centred on proper and enduring organizational ethics.

“YOV’s  structure and hierarchy is based on collegiate leadership. It can’t have a president because every affiliate organization under this coalition arrangement has its president. So, the idea of arrogating to oneself the sensitive position of a president of the coalition is not only being acting as an impostor, but it is also being at variance with the inherent ideology of the Yoruba diaspora organization.”

Adesanmi reiterated the need to be committed to the struggle of the organization, saying YOV’s structure is well organized to achieve its aims.

“We have a convener that organizes  or oversees the organization’s programmes. Therefore, we want to tell the public to desist from relating with him as president of the organization,

“We dismissed Dr. Okanlomo about three months ago over various misconducts and his dismissal today  stands as it is officially announced.”

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